Alec wants to be a voice for his community in local elections

Independent candidate Alec Morriessey. Photo: Brendan Gleeson.

ALEC Morrissey, an independent City West candidate in the local elections, says he is targeting the issues that matter to people locally ahead of the June 7 contest.

Describing himself as passionate and hardworking, Mr Morrissey says he will endeavour to work for communities in his ward if elected.

“Having spoken to people before during and after the last referendum, which I voted against, it struck me how annoyed and often angry people are with how both local and national issues were being handled,” he told the Limerick Post.

“Healthcare and housing were also very high on people’s priorities. Many citing unacceptable wait times to get even an appointment with a GP and the totally unacceptable situation in UHL. So many people voiced their concerns and very real worries about how their children could aspire to having their own homes.”

On a local level, many people, Mr Morrissey claims, are unhappy with how they have been treated with regard to changes to the infrastructure of their neighbourhoods.

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“Their issues include changes to traffic management and inclusion of cycle lanes, etc. The council and their agents must not forget, and indeed seem to have forgotten, that the most important stakeholders in any proposed change are the residents of the areas which stand to be affected, and not those who will pass through or those with their own personal (or group) agendas.

“Proper and meaningful consultation and discussions must be entered into, and due consideration must be given before any decisions are made, and local communities must be included in the decision making process,” he insisted.

“I fully understand that some of the issues raised are beyond the remit of a local councillor, but some are not, and if elected I promise the residents of my electoral area that I will represent them and their interests, and put them first in all my representations.”