Limerick’s Traveller community called on to vote in upcoming elections

a person is casting a vote into a box
Photo: Element5 Digital/Unsplash.

THE Limerick Traveller Network are committed to see change in the upcoming local elections, specifically in the areas of Traveller accommodation, education, and employment.

The group also wants to see an end to anti-Traveller discrimination.

A Traveller-led community development project with representatives from Traveller sites and houses across Limerick City, the network has now launched a voting campaign on the approach to the local elections to encourage Travellers to vote.

A spokesperson explained that Travellers represent approximately 0.6 per cent of the Irish population, and the Limerick Traveller Network believes it is important this community’s voices are heard.

“We are a community with our own ethnic identity and we are proud of our culture. We are committed to working for an Ireland that is based on the principles of equality, inclusion, and the upholding of human rights,” they said.

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“Every Traveller has the right to vote. We are delivering voter application forms to encourage our community to register to vote so they can have their voice heard. In voting we are letting the politicians know that we intend to use our voice to create change.

“If you are from the Traveller community and you want to change the way things are, the terrible conditions, the discrimination, poor health, high unemployment and bad accommodation, register to vote today.”

Limerick Traveller Network is funded under the Department of Community and Rural Development and supported by Exchange House Ireland, which is a national Traveller organisation.