Hermitage Green go intergalactic on video for new single Driftin’

Barry Murphy prepares for an intergalactic journey.

AS reported in Limerick Post a few weeks ago, the latest single from Hermitage Green ‘Driftin’ signals a departure from their trademark folk rock sound and evidenced their ever-evolving sonic signature. The new video to accompany the track also pushes the limits as lead vocalist Barry Murphy prepares for an intergalactic journey.


Directed by Shane Serrano, we witness flashbacks to the things that are now most important to this would-be space explorer about to reach a new frontier – his children. 

With the song written about the paradigm shift in perspective that someone experiences when a life changing event like becoming a parent occurs, it is fitting that the video plays on this concept and stars Mick Murphy with his dad Barry.

As the lyrics suggest ‘we’re just floating on a tidal wave, on our hopes and dreams to find a way’ and this new video certainly examines how unpredictable life is on this earth and that it is up to us to find ways to succeed against the odds and to hold on to what is most dear to us. 

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‘Driftin’ serves as a taster of the exciting new avenues Hermitage Green are exploring ahead of their forthcoming album release later this year, and their headline show Live at the Docklands on Saturday August 24. Remaining tickets from www.dolans.ie

Listen here: https://bfan.link/HGdriftin