Slattery tops polls in City East as first non-sitting rep elected to council seat

Councillor Catherine Slattery is cheered on by her supporters after topping the polls in City East. Photo: Brendan Gleeson.

THE SECOND last announcement of the evening at the count centre at Limerick Racecourse came in the form of the first count for Limerick City East. Two seats have been filled so far in the seven-seat district.

Fine Gael’s Peter Doyle said that the served an apprenticeship under the best in Kieran O’Donnell and he paid tribute to the late Mary Jackman saying “I’m delighted to follow in her steps. It’s a great result, for me, for the parish, and for Monaleen.”

Doyle was the first to be elected in Limerick today who wasn’t already a sitting councillor.

Peter Doyle was the first to be deemed elected in Limerick on Saturday who wasn’t already a sitting councillor. Photo: Brendan Gleeson.

Catherine Slattery of Fianna Fáil, who topped the polls with 1,894 votes, said she had “a great vote in 2019 but today is just unbelievable. I’m so honoured and thankful to all of those who voted for me and I’m looking forward to serving them.”

When the count resumes in the district at 10am tomorrow morning, Joe Pond (FF), Elena Secas (LAB), Sarah Kiely (FG), Sean Hartigan (GP), Michael Murphy (FG), Eric Nelligan (AON), Ursula Gavan (SF), Donnah Vuma (SD), Dean Lillis (IND), Danielle O’Shea (SF), Mike Killeen (SF), Michael O’Brien (IND), Patrick McCarthy (IND), and Sally Slater (IND) will all be waiting for the all-important transfers.

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