Three wise men make it on first count in Newcastle West

Returning councillors Liam Galvin and Michael Collins celebrate victory in Newcastle West. Photo: Brendan Gleeson.

THREE sitting councillors have been elected to the Newcastle West district, taking up half of the local electoral area’s six seats. 

For Fine Gael’s Liam Galvin the smell of victory was sweet but he said that he hoped there was a very special supporter looking down on his fifth consecutive election victory – his late father, Jimmy.

“My dad was involved with Fine Gael all his life and I like to think he is looking down and that he’s proud of me. This is my fifth election and the fifth election that I have increased my vote. That doesn’t happen by accident and I had a three people short of 100 on my team and I want to thank them all.”

Liam Galvin celebrates being re-elected in Newcastle West. Photo: Brendan Gleeson.

Fianna Fáil councillor Michael Collins said he has had “personal difficulties with my health in the last two years, so it was challenging coming back, but I had a great team of supporters and family behind me”.

“I was quietly optimistic but I never take anything for granted, you’re at the mercy of the electorate but they came out and supported me and I want to thank them”.

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Poll topper, Jerome Scanlon had a comfortable victory with 2,301 votes. He was not at the centre when the results were announced.

The returning officer announced that the Newcastle West count has now adjourned for tonight and will resume at 9.30am tomorrow.

The three sitting councillors were elected on the first count having reached the 1,925 quota.

Contending the final three seats are John Sheahan (FG), Tom Ruddle (FG), Francis Foley (FF), Padraig Collins (SF), James Barrett (Ind-I), Gerard Madigan (FF), Pat King (Ind-I), Kathleen Barrett (FF), and Gerben Uunk (AW).