€10,000 for Limerick tots who were traumatised in crash

Newcastle West District Court.

TWO children who were back seat passengers in a car crash have had a settlement of €10,000 compensation approved for them by a Limerick court.

Judge Adrian Harris approved the settlement in Newcastle West District Court for Timothy and Emily Rose Hogan, who were in baby seats in the back of their mother’s car when the crash happened on October 23, 2021, on the Charleville Road, just outside Adare.

They sued the couple in the other car, David and Marie Riordan, of Ballyagran, through their mother, Charlene McCarthy.

Their solicitor, Clodagh McCarthy, told the court that the amount proposed was acceptable to the childrens’ mother.

They were three and two years old at the time and were in restraining seats in the back of their mother’s car when the respondents “emerged from a side road” and the crash happened, Ms McCarthy said.

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She said that the children did not suffer any physical injury in the incident. They were suing for the shock and ensuing trauma.

Charlene McCarthy told Judge Harris that while all of the symptoms of fright and trauma has resolved themselves with the children in 12 months, “it took a while”.

She said she felt the proposed settlement of €6,000 plus District Court costs for Emily Rose, who was the older of the two at the time, and €4,000 plus costs for Timothy was acceptable. Judge Harris approved the settlement.