New EP from Dylan Flynn and the Dead Poets

‘CAUGHT up in delusion’ is the latest EP from Limerick Indie-Rock five-piece, Dylan Flynn & The Dead Poets. The project is the follow up to their ambitious 2023 debut album, ‘how are you feeling today?’. The debut gained widespread praise across Ireland, including a fourth place spot on Hot Press’s ‘Irish Debut Albums’ list – joined by peers such as Grian Chatten, Somebody’s Child and Rachael Lavelle.

Dylan commented, “When working on this EP we felt the themes and stories were carrying over from our debut album, and we wanted the title to reflect that. After pondering on it, we settled on ‘caught up in delusion’ as a response to the title of our album, ‘how are you feeling today?’.”

Three bonus songs are added to the four new tracks on the EP including a blistering performance of ‘Nowhere To Live’ recorded live at The Record Room.