Warning over daylight grab-and-run robberies in Limerick

Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Ber Leetch.

TWO people became the victims of frightening crimes in which money was stolen from them in broad daylight in Limerick City recently.

A man was walking to work on Thomas Street at 7.30am on June 7  when another man, dressed in dark clothing and holding a sharp object, grabbed him and demanded his wallet, Gardaí said.

There was an altercation between the two men but the criminal got the wallet and ran off.

Gardaí in Henry Street Garda Station believe that there maybe witnesses to this robbery and are appealing for anybody who witnessed this robbery or who knows anything to get in contact on 061 212 400.

Later that same day 8.10pm, while it was still bright, a woman in her early 80s went to an ATM on O’Connell Street and took out a sum of cash, at which point, according to Gardaí, a young woman jumped in front of her, grabbed the cash out of her hand, and ran off.

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The older woman was in shock but unhurt.

Limerick Crime Prevention Officer, Segeant Ber Leetch, said this is not the first time this kind of crime has happened in recent weeks and a number of similar snatches have been reported to Gardaí.

“Obviously some criminal sees this as an easy way to get money,” Sergeant Leetch said.

She advised those taking out cash to “go to an ATM in a shop or busy area. If you wish to go to your particular bank’s ATM, wait until the bank foyer is open and use those ATMs.”

“If you cannot wait but you might be considered vulnerable – that is very young or a lone female or elderly – make sure that you do not go alone, ask family, friend, or neighbour to stand with you.

“Criminals will always look for vulnerability and isolation, as they do not want to be caught so they do not want to be seen. CCTV in this case is very good and Gardaí in Henry Street are investigating”.