Council Affairs: King John crowned

Limerick County Council Offices in Dooradoyle.

FRESHLY elected councillors and our new directly-elected Mayor (DEM) had a healthy dose of first day jitters as they took to their seats in the Dooradoyle council chamber on Friday.

The mammies were fretting over them for their first day in class, straightening ties, taking photos, and looking on proudly at their little sucklings as they floundered helplessly for a place to hang their coats and park their freshly-powdered backsides.

A big day for all of them, especially those elected to Limerick City and County Council (LCCC) for the first time. But look, these nervy craturs won’t be long learning the ropes from the bright sparks kept back for another five years.

But of course, for one prize pupil, it was like a dream come true. Before the AGM of LCCC took place, Mayor John Moran had his time to shine in a ceremony straight out of Game of Thrones. Our new DEM got to play king of the castle on his first official day in office and it was quite the regal sight to behold.

It was great to see Mayor Moran, Ireland’s very first DEM, set a really progressive tone. Forget the pomp and ceremony, here was our moment to take a new modern approach and drag the mayoralty kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

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Still, I suppose nothing screams dynamic and inclusive first citizen like a man in a red cape marching from City Hall to St Mary’s Cathedral in a medieval procession led by a marching band and a man with a big shiny brass knob on a stick.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with tradition. I am all for the Mayor of Limerick rowing out into the middle of the Shannon to shoot silver arrows up at the stars. Hopefully we will even see him go full on Robin Hood and steal from the landlords to home those on our social housing list.

A nice gig, in fairness, for the City of Limerick Pipe Band, and more power to them for it, but the new mayor entering the cathedral to the tune of ‘Limerick, You’re A Lady’ to take the chain of office was all a little too USA.

Maybe King John can move into the castle next to City Hall altogether! I better be careful what I say or he will have me locked up in the tower. But in fairness to our new mayor, he said all the right things and gave us plenty of fresh hope for the future.

The AGM despite the over the top pageantry in the earlier part of the day, was filled with promise as mayor and councillors conducted their business with the mutual respect and efficiency their elected office warrants. We haven’t always seen this in the past.

The mayor is dead, long live King John!