Limerick Twenty Thirty leading way in sustainability


LIMERICK Twenty Thirty is a property development company established by Limerick City and County Council to plan and develop key strategic sites, acting as anchors for enterprise and investment across Limerick and the Mid West.

With sustainability as a central focus, Limerick Twenty Thirty’s projects, including the iconic Opera Square, highlight circular economy initiatives and eco-friendly designs, setting new regional and national sustainability benchmarks.

Gardens International, completed in 2019, combines historic and modern architecture and was the first building in Limerick to achieve LEED Gold sustainability accreditation.

The building has enhanced its sustainability credentials further and has now become a market leader by becoming aligned with EU Taxonomy. This building features a premium meeting space called the Vault, with original vaulted ceilings, and has opened its doors to host various community and charitable events this year.

Opera Square, a four-acre mixed-use commercial development, demonstrates significant economic impact and industry innovation. The project achieved a 98 per cent diversion of demolition waste from landfill, setting a precedent by becoming the first construction project of this scale in Ireland to undertake a pre-demolition audit and carry out extensive reuse of materials.

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During the demolition phase of Opera Square, John Sisk & Sons conducted Ireland’s largest city-centre demolition program outside the capital, significantly reducing landfill waste and repurposing 15,000 tonnes of crushed concrete for subsequent construction phases. This approach exemplifies how Limerick Twenty Thirty is leading by example in sustainable construction practices, a representative of the company said.

Additionally, Limerick Twenty Thirty is developing Cleeves Riverside Quarter, a project that incorporates the “One Planet Living” principles, promoting sustainable living through eco-friendly design, renewable energy, and a circular economy.

CEO David Conway emphasised the dual goals of economic revitalisation and setting new sustainability standards, saying that “pretty much everything we have done from the off has had a sustainability lens on it, and when we complete here in three years’ time with Opera Square, we will look back with pride on just how far we pushed this. We’re setting new standards; that’s what Limerick is about today.”