Further restrictions on airports along western coast


THE Irish Aviation Authority has introduced restrictions on flights in and out of six airports in Ireland, with effect from midnight until 1300hrs Friday 7th May 2010. They include Shannon, Donegal, Sligo, Ireland West (Knock), Galway and Kerry.


The restrictions are required as the increased level of recent volcanic activity has created a massive ash cloud stretching 1,000 miles long and 700 miles wide. While the northerly winds are keeping the bulk of the cloud out in the Atlantic, the increased size of the cloud is encroaching on Irish airspace along the west coast of Ireland.

Due the expected position of the ash cloud during the next 18 hours, it is essential that the airports along the west coast will have restrictions imposed in the interest of safety of passengers and crews.

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The following is the position on an airport by airport basis for tomorrow Friday 7th May 2010:


AIRPORT                                  Flight Operations:

Dublin                                            Open

Cork                                               Open

Shannon                                         Closed from 0300hrs to 1300hrs

Donegal                                          Closed from Midnight to 1200hrs

Sligo                                              Closed from Midnight to 1300hrs

Ireland West (Knock)                       Closed from 0300hrs to 1300hrs

Galway                                           Closed from 0300hrs to 1300hrs

Kerry                                              Closed from 0700hrs to 1300hrs

Waterford                                        Open

Passengers planning to travel by air over the coming days are advised to regularly check with their airlines and the IAA website in advance of going to the airport.

The Irish Aviation Authority said it is in constant contact with VAAC and the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) at Eurocontrol and is monitoring the path of the ash cloud in order to assess the impact it could have on air safety.

Should there be any change to these restrictions the IAA will issue a further statement. A normal update will be issued at 0930hrs tomorrow.