France still the home of ‘fine wine’

WHEN surveyed, over 4,000 regular wine drinkers say that France is still the home of fine wine. That is according to Wine Intelligence who polled wine drinkers in the UK, US and Switzerland, with all three countries selecting France as the highest-regarded country when it comes to fine wine. Australia and Italy, followed by South Africa, Spain and New Zealand also figured strongly

Decanter reports that the survey also asked consumers what their key motivating factors were when buying fine wine.


Heritage was voted most important, ahead of provenance or rarity. 

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Closer to home, 3 per cent of the wine-buying market buy a bottle of fine wine (above €15) at least once a month, while in the US 3.3m people spend at least $25 on one bottle during the same period.

“Consumers who buy luxury and fine wines aren’t restricted to the specialist magazine readers and the [Robert] Parker followers.

Many purchasers are everyday, regular wine consumers who once a year, or from time to time, buy a higher wine for special occasions,” according to a spokesperson for Wine Intelligence.