First all-Ireland digital address code system

Loc8 Code, a revolutionary new all-Ireland digital address code that provides precise address information, was launched recently.  This new digital address code system will be of immense benefit to all businesses and individuals who need to receive and deliver products and services on the island of Ireland.

There is research to show that the system can also deliver considerable savings in transport costs, for those using the system, because of the precision of the address when used in conjunction with a Sat Nav.

Additionally, Loc8 Codes can uniquely identify the exact location of events, landmarks and other points of interest, revolutionising the way people describe and navigate to destinations across the whole of Ireland.

The initiative, which has the support of Enterprise Ireland, and references map data from Ordnance Survey Ireland and Northern Ireland, has been developed by Cork based company Loc8 Code Ltd. in collaboration with Garmin Europe.

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The system works through the input of address information of any location into the Loc8 Code website (, which generates a unique navigation code and assigns it to within +/- 6 metres of the individual location.

Since the launch on July 12, over 10,000 Loc8 Codes have been created on the website.

Since launched on July 12, Loc8 Code has generated huge interest with over 10,000 Loc8 Codes created on website Model Ruth Griffin helps the business corps navigate.