Market Trustees to review parking at Potato Market

FOLLOWING expressed concerns of patrons of the Potato Market Car Park, the Limerick Market Trustees have issued a statement noting that they intend to review the situation at the historic city centre location.The statement comes after many patrons and users had confirmed to the Limerick Post that they felt aggrieved regarding the issuing of clamps to cars that he management company deemed to be parked illegally.

Recent coverage in the Limerick Post highlighted what members of the public felt was a “heavy handed approach” to clamping. 

Last week, the Limerick Market Trustees released this statement regarding parking in the Potato Market.
“Agreement was reached, without a vote being taken, at a meeting today (Wednesday, August 25) of the Limerick Market Trustees, to hold a review of all their car parking arrangements for the Potato Market.

“The review will be presented to the Trustees for discussion at the end of September. The purpose of the review is to ensure the Trustees offer the best service, across all elements relating to car parking at the Potato Market, to their customers.”

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Members of the public had contacted the Limerick Post stating that in recent weeks, that jury members attending the Circuit Court at Merchants Quay, court clerks and solicitors alike, were clamped as were many members of the general public.

One complained to the Limerick Post: “My ticket lapsed by 15 minutes… I was on business in the courthouse and when I came out, my car was clamped. There was a big yellow thing on the side of my wheel, a sticker on my window and a demand to fork out money to get released. I mean, 15 minutes and I had already put over a €5 in the machine”.

She alleged she got no satisfaction when she spoke to the parties involved.

Independent cllr, John Gilligan, said when he was chairman of the Market Trustees he was against clamping in the car park.

“It’s antisocial and should be barred. During my time it was many from the legal profession that snooted parking fees and felt disgruntled that they were asked to pay. It was a major problem and although I was very much against it, it was needed”.

He wants the entire area overhauled and put to a better civic use.

“Limerick deserves a city plaza and we should have one. The walls around the Potato Market could be taken down to a reasonable height and the bars and gates recycled elsewhere. We need a new home for our city library and museum and the long-term plan would be to develop this area, but we should develop the square as a whole. We could have a signature work of art to commemorate the Vikings as first settlers here and Brian Boru as the first high king of Ireland”.

* The Limerick Post has learned that since the end of July, the clamp release fee imposed by Mid West Parking Control Systems was reduced from €120 and the period of grace extended to one hour at the Potato Market car park.