Rubberbandits on agenda at Limerick City Hall

THE portrayal of sporting Limerick by superstar hip-hop comedy duo The Rubberbandits has been questioned at a meeting of Limerick City Council.

Independent Councillor Kathleen Leddin raised the issue today following an interview with The Rubberbandits on RTE radio’s John Murray Show in which Rubberbandit Blind Boy said:

“I don’t know nothing about rugby kid”.

The North Circular Road councillor asked if they duo, who hope to become Ireland’s Christmas No 1 with their single Horse Outside, can be traced and asked to show the city’s sport in a positive light.

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The question was posed during a discussion of Limerick’s position as a European Capital of Sport in 2011.

Labour Councillor Tom Shortt said that the comments were clearly tongue in cheek and he was disapointed that:

“The rubberbandits do not endear themselves to my Erudite colleague and those who she represents in the leafy suburbs”.

Cllr Leddin quickly responded by saying:

“My ears are not too indelicate to enjoy the lyrics of the rubberbandits.

“They articulate their words very carefully and anything that gets Limerick on the front of newspapers and on Youtube for positive reasons is great”.

However she hopes that the group do not incline to be negative and sought:

“A little bit of decorum for Limerick in the days when Limerick is being downtrodden by the media”.

While asked about Paul O’Connell’s red card on the John Murray show this morning Rubberbandit’s star Blind Boy said:

“I don’t know nothing about rugby kid.

“I don’t know nothing about sport.

“The one thing that I give out about is the Dublin media. The Dublin media are awful biased against Limerick because thay make the asumption that we know about rugby.

“I don’t know nothing about rugby and I’m from Limerick through and through.

“I’d often battle and go which one is rugby; the one with the round ball or the oval ball”.

Moments earlier Blind Boy told John Murray:

“We’re part of the Limerick collective unconcious more than anything, we’re nothing but an idea”.

Horse Outside now has over 980,000 hits on Youtube in just four days, that is 970,000 more than the Youtube video of Take That on the Late Late Show.

To listen to Blind Boy on the John Murray Show click the link below: