Gardai issue warning as burglars strike thrice


BURGLARS are on the prowl…that is the message from Gardai this week, in light of harrowing experiences after three homes were burgled on one evening this week.
In the first incident, a householder was held by one culprit, while a second stole some property. The ordeal occurred at the Steeples, Mulgrave Street, when an apartment was broken into at about 10pm on Sunday, December 12.

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There were two males involved in this crime, one of whom held a resident while the other searched the apartment, stealing a sum of money, a mobile phone and a camera.
One is described as about 5’8” in height with black hair. He was wearing a high visibility jacket, black pants and boots.
The second is described as over 6 feet tall, of strong, muscular build and wearing a green military type jacket.

“This was a very frightening experience for the occupant of the apartment and gardaí at Henry Street are anxious to apprehend the culprits,” said a spokesperson.
On the same evening, a woman was in her sitting room at Inis Mor, Father Russell Road, when she heard her patio door close.
She went to the kitchen to investigate and discovered that her handbag was missing. She then walked to the front of her house where she saw two men, who left immediately.

One of them is described as 5’9”/5’10”, clean shaven and wearing a grey sweatshirt and aged in his late 30’s.
“We would encourage people to keep their back doors locked when not in use,” said a garda spokesperson.
Another burglary occurred at a house in Walnut Court, Kennedy Park, between 2pm on Saturday, December 11 and 9pm the following day.
An amount of building equipment and tools were taken, and damage was caused to the property.
Roxboro gardaí are investigating.
Meanwhile, with shopping sprees in full swing, gardaí are warning consumers to be mindful as they load their shopping into their cars.
“We would advise people to ensure that goods are stowed away as much as possible and to be cautious when putting goods into cars, that they are not being watched,” said a garda.
He also advised consumers to avoid carrying large amounts of cash and to use cheques, laser or credit cards as a safer option.
“If you have to carry cash be aware of your surroundings and conceal it as much as possible”.