Anger over Limerick crime scene poster


5-6-13 Irish Examiner Bill Board vandalized at Colbert StationCALLS have been made to boycott a national newspaper after angry Limerick people tore down a poster which they says depicts the city as a crime-ridden ghetto.

There was a furious reaction to the new advertising campaign by the Irish Examiner, which depicted King Johns Castle behind a swathe of yellow tape bearing the legend: “Crime scene” .

The poster, which was put up opposite Colbert train and bus station, was torn down hours after it was unveiled.

Mark Lennon, the owner of Deer Park Dairies on Davis Street, said he will be taking the Examiner off his shelves.

‘I’m not refusing to sell it. I will have copies behind the counter but I’m not putting it in the shelves,” he said.

Angry callers to Limerick’s Live 95 FM called on the station’s listeners to boycott the paper because of its portrayal of the Treaty City to promote a series of news articles which it is going to run shortly.

Being interviewed on the station’s flagship ‘Limerick Today’ programme with presenter Joe Nash, Irish Examiner editor, Tim Vaughan denied that Limerick had been treated unfairly.

Pointing out that similar billboard posters featuring Patrick Street in Cork, the Cliffs of Moher, Waterford City and the Rock of Cashel could be seen in other counties, Mr Vaughan asked whether “Limerick should be treated any differently to other places in Munster?”

“This is not a negative attack on Limerick. It’s a national campaign . We have the same posters depicting Patrick Street outside the railway station in Cork,” he said.


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