Research scholarship to lay groundwork for 2020 City of Culture bid

Sheila DeeganA RESEARCH scholarship at LIT’s Limerick School of Art and Design will form an integral part of Limerick’s bid for European City of Culture 2020.

Commencing in January 2014, the two-year practice-based research Masters is a joint initiative between Limerick Arts Office and LSAD. The scholarship is one of 27 being offered at LIT to coincide with Limerick National City of Culture 2014.
The cultural policy research position will see the successful candidate analyse the City’s cultural infrastructure and support networks, as well as map the 2014 City of Culture programme from the perspective of the local community, audiences and the arts and culture sector. It is anticipated that the research will form an integral part of any future bid for European City of Culture 2020.
According to scholarship co-supervisor and Limerick Arts Officer, Sheila Deegan, the programme set out as part of the City of Culture initiative will deliver an “unparalleled blend of cultural expression and performance” in Limerick next year.
“While Limerick National City of Culture 2014 is a wonderful opportunity for the city it will be a vital part of this Masters placement to carry out research that can measure cultural value, both quantitative and qualitative, in relation to the overall process,” said Ms Deegan.

“This research proposal offers an exciting opportunity to explore strands of engagement within Limerick City’s perception of current cultural profile and vision for future development. The conclusions could then form the basis of an active planning process towards the vision, planning and production of the bid for 2020,” she revealed.

Application forms relating to the Cultural Policy Research position can be downloaded from and must be returned to on or before next Wednesday December 18.