Spiritual community to hold service in the city

Minister of the Dublin Unitarian Church, Rev Bridget Spain
Minister of the Dublin Unitarian Church, Rev Bridget Spain

THE city’s first ever UNITARIAN church service takes place in the Limerick School Project on O’Connell Avenue this Sunday, February 23 at 3pm.

Unitarians are a spiritual community in which each person is encouraged to think for him or herself in a spirit of freedom, reason and tolerance. They have no dogma and no set creed.

Minister of the Dublin Unitarian Church, Rev Bridget Spain, leads the first ever Unitarian service in Limerick this weekend. She explained: “Unitarians do not have a creed that is imposed on its members. So its not possible to sum up Unitarian beliefs. In an effort to explain ourselves we often use the expression ‘freedom, reason and tolerance’. We are free in our spiritual search, we use our reason in our search and we are tolerant of people who hold different views than we do.”

“I was originally attracted to the Unitarian Church by the admission that we do not have all the answers. We are seekers together as a community. Unitarianism has its roots in the Liberal Christian tradition but we also draw inspiration from other faiths. A Unitarian service will consist of Readings from the Bible and other sources, prayers, and a Sermon, we call it an address. We usually sing hymns or listen to music,” said Rev Spain.

Of this Sunday’s service in Limerick, she said, “This is very much putting a toe in the water. I will be delighted if anyone turns up.”

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The Unitarian Church Service takes place at Limerick School Project, O’Connell Avenue at 3pm this Sunday, February 23. All are welcome.