Residents at Kilteragh in Limerick told they don’t own their own driveways

Cllr Joe Leddin (left) with local residents at the Kilteragh housing estate
Cllr Joe Leddin (left) with local residents at the Kilteragh housing estate

RESIDENTS in Kilteragh are outraged at what they describe as the “bullyboy tactics” of a local developer who has told them that they don’t own the driveways into their own homes.

Residents in 52 houses in the Dooradoyle estate were shocked when they received letters from the Property Registration Authority (PRA) last week informing them of an error during the registration of their deeds.

The PRA said it was notified last November that some of the houses on its digital map of the Kilteragh estate incorrectly included parking spaces.

Residents from the Ardbracken, Clonmore and Glendara areas were that the parking spaces would be excluded from the folios “to more accurately reflect the original documents lodged”.

They have been given until April 23 to reply or object to the proposal to take their driveways off them.

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In a statement to The Limerick Post, the PRA confirmed that the intention at the time of registration was to exclude parking spaces and that they had served notices to residents informing them that they would be correcting the maps “to more accurately reflect the original registration documents.”

However, the residents are determined to resist any attempt to take the driveways that are shown to be theirs on the original documents they received when they purchased there houses.

Ganesan Suppramaniam said he believed the current situation was “highly unusual and irregular”.

After paying €270,000 for his home seven years ago, he said he would never have bought the house if he was told at the time that he didn’t own the driveway.

“We are under a lot of stress over this. I was shocked when I got the letter telling me I don’t own my driveway. I thought it was some kind of joke, it’s just ludicrous.

“We paid huge prices for our homes and have not objected to the property tax. It’s an outrage. If we let them get away with this, our back gardens will be next and there will be no stopping them,” he said.

Labour Party city councillor Joe Leddin said he is appalled at attempts to convince homeowners that they do not own their own driveways.

“These residents bought their homes at inflated prices which also included their driveways according to the original folio maps attached to each of their properties. Because their estates have yet to be taken in charge by the Council, they also have been paying an annual management charge of €250,” he explained.

Property Management Ireland (PMI) are responsible for the management of the Glendara, Clonmore and Ardbraken areas of the Kilteragh development. The development consists of 132 units comprised of houses, apartments and duplexes. A management charge was originally set at €500 and was only reduced to €250 when many home owners refused to pay it claiming that it was too high.

“In a cynical attempt to force all residents to pay the annual charge, they have received a letter stating that it is the intention of the developer to take ownership of all the driveways.
“This action is nothing short of a scandal,” Cllr Leddin declared.
Signage was recently erected in Kilteragh stating that anyone visiting the estates is required to text the registration number of their car to a phone number and pay a parking fee or risk being clamped. Residents are also expected to pay for parking permits to use the drives in front of their homes.
“The estates are not gated communities and the residents do not wish to be managed by a private management company on a permanent basis,” Cllr Leddin said.

He is now calling on senior planners to move immediately to bring these estates and others under the ownership of the local authority.

After several attempts to contacts Property Management Ireland, there was no comment at the time of going to press.