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‘Moron’ Minister who ‘strangled’ Limerick


Cllr John Gilligan defends Limerick
Cllr John Gilligan defends Limerick

INDEPENDENT city councillor John Gilligan described Environment Minister Phil Hogan as a “moron” at the last ever Limerick City Council meeting this week.

Cllr Gilligan took umbrage at the fact that a local government that has existed for over 800 years could be disbanded at Minister Hogan’s behest. The Limerick City East councillor said the Fine Gael Minister was “incompetent” and accused him of “killing our city”.

“We all have a love of our own place and I love Limerick. Limerick City Council has been in existence for 818 years and what gives that moron Minister Hogan the right to disband it?” asked an angry Cllr Gilligan.

“It’s incredible to think that this Council existed before America. Minister Hogan couldn’t find Limerick on a map. He never had any interest in the place. How dare that incompetent man decide Limerick City no longer exists,” he said.

Cllr Gilligan believes the first role of a councillor is to defend their city. He also accused Fine Gael councillors of lacking the bottle to stand up to the Minister, instead opting to “lie down and accept it”.

“They strangled our city. They should have given us the boundary extension but instead they allowed us to die,” he claimed.

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