Things going ‘from bad to worse’ in Limerick

Cllr John Gilligan
Cllr John Gilligan

THE recent 100 per cent hike in carbon tax will see a lot more senior citizens in Limerick dying of cold next winter, predicts independent city councillor John Gilligan.

“Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, we are again landed with another tax,” he said.

And it would appear he’s right.

The Carbon Tax charged on solid fuels such as coal and peat doubled at the beginning of this month. The increase brought the tax in line with the rate charged on gas heating oil and petrol — €20 per tonne of cO2. Since May 1 the rate of carbon tax on coal is €52.67 per tonne and €36.67 per tonne on peat briquettes.

“There are a number of things we can be certain of, given our sorry experiences over the last few years. At huge expense, the Government will hire spin doctors to tell how necessary it all is, how much better we will all be with it and if things go badly for them, they may even try on the recently deceased, but loveable Green Party.
The next thing we can be absolutely certain of is that come next winter, a lot more people, especially our senior citizens, will die of the cold. I sincerely hope I am wrong in this and that a corresponding increase in pensions and to those on low incomes, such as disability allowance will have been factored in to compensate for this new tax, as you would expect from any other civilised society,” he said.

However, Cllr Gilligan conceded that he is not holding his breath on this last one. He believes that if the Government are really serious about reducing our carbon footprint that there is a number of inventive ways they could do this.

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“We could plant willows all along the Groody River, harvest them and sell them at a completive price to the factories in Plassey Park, who would be only too happy to replace their existing oil burning boilers for a cheap renewable source of energy. We could also plant a section of the land becoming available in St Mary’s Park to heat our community centres and churches,” said the City North councillor.

“So much we could do, but we know that this tax will be siphoned off to pay for the fat cats in Europe, just as all the rest are,” he concluded.