Shannon cancellations as a result of French controllers strike

Funny-commercial-airplane-photos-7by Bernie English

THERE were a number of flight cancellations and delays of up to four hours on other routes at Shannon airport this week as a result of strike action by French air traffic controllers.

Niall Maloney, Operations Manager at the airport said that the action started on June 24 and will go on until June 30.

“It’s an inconvenience to our customers and to the airline’s customers,” he told the Limerick post. “Despite all our best efforts, all we can do is advise people to check their airline’s website for information”.

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Meanwhile, the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has commended Ryanair and Aer Lingus for the way they are dealing with the problem. 

Martin Skelly, President of the ITAA said, “The timing of this French air traffic strike is a real inconvenience for the travel industry and travel customers around the World are experiencing instability as a result. We commend Ryanair and Aer Lingus for their prompt actions to minimise disruption to Irish travellers, but due to the degree of disturbance the strike has created, unfortunately many flights have been cancelled and many others face extensive delays”.

He continued, “All of our member travel agents are working closely with business and leisure customers in an attempt to minimise inconvenience by keeping them up to date with delays and cancellations as well as assisting them with rebooking flights and changing travel plans.”

The ITAA recommends that consumers who are concerned about the strike affecting their travel plans visit website is a resource for consumers who have had their air plans disrupted and helps passengers to understand their rights and entitlements.