The Way of the Fight 2.0


cat costigan july14Limerick cage fighter Catherine Costigan returns with her weekly blog as she prepares for her upcoming Cage Warriors fight at The Helix in Dublin on Saturday August 16.

JUST last Sunday I signed my contract to fight on August 16 in The Helix for Cage Warriors.  It’s always exciting to get the honour to fight in Ireland but also added pressure to give a better  edge of the  seat performance. That to me is the challenge, not the win but what I will use to entertain the audience.

Challenge – it’s the one thing that makes my blood race, my mind drive and my passion heighten everyday I train. That to me is being alive and I thrive on it. The two months I was given off to rest after my last fight were good but I began to lose that drive and I knew I needed a fight again.

I remember last week waking up and seeing my face on the Cage Warriors poster and saying ‘right, get out of bed and into the gym’. Your opponent is somewhere in the world training to beat you.

That won’t happen because I train to always beat myself. I look across the cage and never see the girl, just the reflection of myself. I’ve often spoken about this in other blogs and interviews. Over the camp my body will hurt, I’ll go to bed hungry and I’ll want to jump the child with the 99 ice cream.

I’ll get hit hard and put down, tapped out and no one can help me. I’ve got to choose to stand up after every moment of hardship but every time I do it, it feels like I’ve won another round. Until at the end of the camp The Alpha Female has destroyed her demons inside and now her mind and body are steel. One goal to finish The Challenge.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be back and forth training in Galway, Dublin, Cork and flying over people from Manchester and Newcastle. These people at some point in there lives choose to challenge themselves to reach gold. I will learn from the champions. Every week I’m going to blog and I’ve decided to do some video ones and that way you get a idea of exactly my life.

Please ignore when I get so low on carbs that I start putting my knickers in the fridge and instead of washing machine next to it. Now come on, you all know you’ll watch that video!

August 16, less than one month to go.

Stay tuned

The Alpha Female Force