“Terrorist acts” endanger horse project (with Video)


by Bernie English

[email protected]

BALLINACURRA Weston residents have warned horse-owners who conducted destructive and violent protests last week that they are threatening the very thing they claim to cherish.

The Ballinacurra Weston Residents Alliance have ben campaigning to have a horse project located in the area, so that people who own horses will learn to look after them properly.

Bt incidents last week in which a house was torched, the church daubed in paint and windows broken, is not helping the situation, said Cathal McCarthy, PRO for the Alliance.

“These people say they are protesting about their horses being seized – this is not protest, this is terrorism,” he told the Limerick Post.

“We have been pushing hard to get funding for a horse project but this kind of behaviour just makes people angry and the project loses all goodwill and support. People are asking why we should try to help people who do this to their own community?”.