Giant opportunity for Limerick business

RDL Liverpool -23

IN LIVERPOOL they baked a giant pizza to celebrate her arrival and Limerick businesses are being urged to take advantage of the gigantic opportunity about the present itself in the city.

Renowned French street theatre company Royal de Luxe will not only bring the famous Grandmother Giant to Limerick; it will also bring opportunities to local traders from the city and beyond.

For three days, the Giant will walk the streets of Limerick to greet the young and old in what promises to be the biggest street event the city has ever hosted.

As record high numbers are expected to take to the streets of Limerick, opportunities are being created for local traders to get involved with Royal de Luxe and to engage with the Limerick Giant.

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This July, Liverpool welcomed the Grandmother Giant, which attracted approximately 1.5 million spectators, 700,000 more than in 2012. The impact of the 2012 Royal de Luxe generated more than £32 million for Liverpool.

In a joint statement for the City of Culture and the theatre group, both said they want to “encourage all businesses, both big and small, to brainstorm special offers for this opportunistic occasion. These ideas can be based on the theme of the Giant or the Grandmother. For example, one Liverpool restaurant made an eight-metre long pizza to celebrate the Grandmother Giant coming to the city this July.”

The Royal de Luxe digital marketing will engage with all interested businesses who wish to take part in special offers and promote the offers through the Royal de Luxe website, Facebook and Twitter.

All traders are advised to stock up and expect extra customers in their shops. Royal de Luxe Limerick also advises traders to have enough staff working, in the event of a large amount of customers.

Businesses are encouraged to put flags and banners inside and outside their store to show support for the arrival of the Giant, if it is passing through their street.

Mike Fitzpatrick, Limerick City of Culture arts and culture director, said: “This is an opportunistic time for all of our local traders to engage with the single biggest event in the Limerick City of Culture programme. The scale of the event will not only enhance the identity of the city, but also create connectivity between culture, tourism and the economy.

“These three days will be busy for the businesses in the city who can offer accommodation and refreshments of all sorts to the thousands of visitors. I encourage all traders to stock up on supplies so that all our visitors can be looked after well. For traders all over Limerick, it’s an ideal time to engage in what promises to be a magical event and one of Ireland’s biggest events this year.”

To speak with a Royal de Luxe Limerick team member, e-mail or alternatively call 061-525031.