By the sword, never fear the blade


catherine costigan aug14Limerick cage fighter Catherine Costigan presents the final instalment of her weekly blog as she prepares for her upcoming Cage Warriors fight at The Helix in Dublin on Saturday August 16.

It’s time to complete my transformation into The Alpha Female.

Like a comic book hero I’ve done my training and now the mission has to be completed. Last week I pushed myself into darkness and emerged with a hard mind. Peter Irving made sure that all I have in my arsenal is bad intentions.

All my coaches have sculpted me to understand this. As the time nears, I hear my music hit as I walk to the roars from the crowd. I approach the arena, eyes gazing across at my opponent, waiting to hear the word ‘fight’.

Knowing the sword will strike, but no fear of the blade as I understand my fate and I have the power to rule it.

Reminded I write my history in my life.