Limerick data management company invests €2 million in “think factory” concepts

Asystec Limerick 27by Sarah O’Leary

LEADING Data Management company Asystec has announced that it will invest more than €2 million in Innovation Labs in Ireland to support the company’s extensive growth in Data Analytics, Security and IT Transformation divisions.

Les Byrne, co-founder and Managing Director of Asystec said: “The Innovation Labs will provide a unique “thinking factory” style experience for Asystec clients, enabling critical and creative offsite thinking to achieve innovation in the use and exploitation of big data,  data analysis and strategic business development relating to information existing and information required in the company.”

Privately owned, Asystec has been in operation for three years and already boasts an impressive line up of global brands and multinationals as clients. This major infrastructure investment meets the demand for data management solutions for the Ireland and UK market, and will enable customers to transition from first and second IT Platforms to the third platform.

“The mainframe computer is considered in tech terms at the first platform, while the second  platform was the personal computer (PC).  We are now in the next revolution phase to the Third platform which is built on mobile computing, social networking, cloud services and Big Data analytics technology,” explains Byrne.  “This latest platform phase is transforming the entire IT and business environment and Asystec are poised to become a global leader in this space. We are currently involved in data analytics projects in China and the USA, as well as the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland”.

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Designing IT solutions to assist companies to manage, secure and identify their key data assets, Asystec will deploy the Innovation Labs in Limerick, Cork, Dublin and Belfast, and will be recruiting in the coming 18 months to further grow the team of data scientists, security analysts and big data architects.

The Asystec Innovation Labs will power strategic business thinking and innovation for customers, providing education, insights and understanding of owned data, while providing new opportunities through data collaboration also.

“As IT pillars of Big Data, Cloud and mobility take hold in the fabric of our business processing, we believe that we are at a stage of industry disruption that must be embraced by business for success. As industries become more connected, led by the Internet of Things, customer solutions have more embedded intelligence.

“Investments in these pillars will dictate the speed, success and value of the new business models.  At the intersection, IT and businesses will be allowed to experience true innovation and competitiveness differentiation through the Innovation Lab experience provided by Asystec,” added Byrne, Managing Director of Asystec.