Visual art: Shadow Light and Gallery


by Rose Rushe

Gavin Hogg and Mike Fitzpatrick,Limerick School of Art and Design and #Limerick2020 with Hogg's 'The Alchemist's Flower' Photo: Liam Burke/Press 22
Gavin Hogg and Mike Fitzpatrick,Limerick School of Art and Design and #Limerick2020 with Hogg’s ‘The Alchemist’s Flower’
Photo: Liam Burke/Press 22

UNA McCarthy, director/ curator at Limerick City Gallery of Art, had warm welcome for three shows that see the light of public life at Pery Square. Ramon Kassam’s ‘Gallery’ fills ground floor chambers other than Drawing 11 (fab) in the Permanent Collection’s spot.

Gavin Hogg is responsible for ‘Shadow Light’ occupying upstairs and it was Mike Fitzpatrick, now streaming our European Capital of Culture 2020 bid, who was invited to open public eyes to these artists’ new work, one established, one emerging.

Speaking to Limerick Post, McCarthy made the point that “it’s exciting to have a young artist such as Ramon Kassom, not just for his art but for the way he is engaging with this institution. This is his first solo institutional show, and in a prestigious fully serviced gallery such as LCGA. It shows that we have confidence in his art, confidence in his future and that this show will move on to Temple Bar Gallery is further affirmation.

“I think his essence is confident, dynamic”.

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Floating upstairs: “Gavin on the other hand is a well established, Limerick based artist, one who is intensely a painter and a painter of intensity. You can see that there are various things happening, coming to the fore in his practice – as well as his past holding true. Gavin is very much about the painting and how the paint works”.

All shows current daily until July 10; half day Sundays. Free in.