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#video Fall Dogs – ‘Waving at Magpies’


FALL Dogs are John Steel on guitar and vocals, Ross Brennan on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Bryan Healy on bass and Ian McNamara on drums and joined by Siobhan O’Brien on vocals for this new track. Perhaps better known here in Limerick as Tumbledown, the band had a change of moniker this year as there is an American band with the same name.
The new single and video ‘Waving at Magpies’ sees the band reunite with video maker Shane Serrano to produce another homegrown gem. Shane also filmed the group’s debut single ‘Chink in my Armour’ in 2013.
‘Waving at Magpies’ is a brooding anthem riding on a sweet groove from Healy and McNamara with a chorus of “never gonna be happy / never gonna stop hoping”.
The video was shot on location around Limerick city and features a star turn from actor Kevin Kiely as a man living with every phobia and superstition. Conceived by John Steele and Serrano, could there possibly be a “happy ever after” ending for Kiely’s character in this video? See Fall Dogs – ‘Waving at Magpies’ on www.musiclimerick.com.
The single is out now on iTunes with an accompanying track called ‘This Town’.

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