Ó’Domhnaill’s Atlantic to screen at Belltable

Marie-Therese Garvey, producer; Risteard Ó’Domhnaill, dirctor and Brendan Gleeson, narrator
Marie-Therese Garvey, producer; Risteard Ó’Domhnaill, director and Brendan Gleeson, narrator

LIMERICK-based film producer Marie-Therese Garvey will have a hometown audience for her latest project when the Belltable hosts a screening of the award-winning documentary ‘Atlantic’ on Wednesday, October 19 at 8pm. The film, which focuses on the powerful interests carving up the Atlantic Ocean’s resources, is directed by Risteard Ó’Domhnaill who was also the creative force behind ‘The Pipe’ and features Emmy award-winning actor Brendan Gleeson as narrator. Shot across Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland ‘Atlantic’ follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities as they struggle to maintain their way of life in the face of mounting economic challenges.

As the oil majors drive deeper into their fragile seas, and the world’s largest fishing companies push fish stocks to the brink, coastal people and the species they rely on may be reaching a point of no return.

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The film’s producer Marie-Therese Garvey is based in Limerick at the moment and gave Limerick Post Newspaper an insight into the making of Atlantic and the challenge of a production that spans three countries.

“Atlantic was an epic undertaking and it took over three years to get all the pieces in place. Finding the right producing partners in Norway and Newfoundland was vital and we were very lucky with who we worked with.”

“Obviously filming in three countries was difficult (and expensive!) but it wasn’t just the travel logistics that proved challenging. We wanted to make sure that the film would be a true collaboration between the three countries and decided that the score would be a good way to do that.

“In Ireland we worked with the amazing Kíla and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, a fiddle player heavily influenced by the uilleann pipes. Norway has a big ambient / electronica music scene so there we worked with musician Per Martinsen and we went for a more folksy sound from Newfoundland with musician Lori Clark.

“Coordinating three artists, in three different time zones with three very different music styles that needed to complement each other was one of the production’s biggest challenges but it was definitely worth it.”

Atlantic has been an enormous critical success and was awarded Best Irish Documentary at the Dublin International Film Festival 2016 and has been seen in cinemas and film festivals in Europe, US and Australia.

So do Risteard and Marie-Therese have more films in the pipeline?

“During the making of Atlantic we both thought ‘never again!’ but that’s the nature of making any film. The highs are amazing and the lows have you looking at the classifieds.

Marie-Therese is currently in pre-production on a documentary focusing on carers and the unseen work they do.

Risteard plans to make a feature film based on characters from his 2012 documentary The Pipe.

Marie-Therese states that it is an exciting time for filmmakers here in Limerick.

“It’s exciting to be in Limerick right now and to see all these new opportunities for filmmakers here and the new collaborations it’ll bring.”

One of those new filmmakers is Jay Red. Before the main feature, a Limerick made short film ‘The Snowman’s Gift’ will be screened made by Jay Red in 2015. This year he won the prestigious MyRodeReel Short Film Competition with ‘Streetlights’. This was his 2015 competition entry.

Atlantic screens this Wednesday October 19 at Belltable from 8pm.