Limerick acts lineup for anti-racism fundraiser


An eclectic and vibrant line-up is set to take part in a fundraising show for ENAR Ireland this Saturday. The gig will feature Emma Langford, Elaine Mai, Moley O’Suillebheain, DJ Peter Curtin and producer LF|83. aka Kevin Walsh who organised the night. The producer and Emma Langford have recorded a track called ‘Harmonise’for the occasion.


Harmonise will bring together some of Limerick’s finest musicians in support of ENAR Ireland, the charity working to eradicate racism in Ireland.
The eclectic line-up features LF|83, Moley O’Suillebheain, Emma Langford, Cassavettes, Elaine Mai with a set from RTE 2XM DJ Peter Curtin to finish the night.
Organiser Kevin Walsh worked with Shane O’Curry, National Platform Coordinator of ENAR Ireland to produce a show that shines a light on the work this charity does on behalf of both victims of racism and refugees.
Kevin told Limerick Post this week that wanted to bring musicians together to promote a message of unity.
“ I wanted to do something with a charity that operates nationally in the area of tackling racism so I contacted Shane who is a director at ENAR about the possibility of doing an event.
“Music is one of the great unifiers and if we can get people mobilised, even if it is just to come to a gig, to say ‘no, racism does not have a place in the Irish society which I want to be a part of’, then it can only be a good thing.”
“I’m sure most people have noticed its been a slightly crazy couple of years, globally, with Trump and Brexit and the rise of the far right in Europe. There’s an unsettling feeling that racism is in danger of becoming normalised under this guise of so-called ‘free speech’ across certain parts of social media and society in general.
“To be racist towards someone is to totally dehumanise them. Its the most willfully ignorant, unnecessarily divisive and bewildering of human traits and its something we’d all do well to eradicate from Irish society.”
Kevin makes music using the name LF|83. He plans to have a new release ready for the autumn. His very impressive 2016 debut album ‘Folk Science’ mixed electronic beats and organic acoustic instrumentation, perfect for long summer evenings, Hear it on bandcamp at
Kevin has produced a new track with Emma Langford called ‘Harmonise’. The duo found a few days in the midst of post-grad studies to make the recording.
He quite rightly describes Emma  as “a force of nature” in terms of the amount of different projects she takes on, making her debut album, founding The Limerick Lady Festival and sometimes playing two or three gigs a day.
“I think there was around a four day turnaround in me sending her on an instrumental track with no standout lead melody on it to her sending back what you hear on the finished song.
“She wrote the lyrics about her relationship with her sisters so it is nice there’s a really personal element in there as well. I’m really happy with how the track turned out and I hope we do more in the future.”
Emma will perform on the night with her outstanding band. Indie up-and-comers Casavettes will open the night which will also feature beat-boxer and general vocal maestro Moley O’Suillebheáin.
 The night will take a more electronic/dance feel with Kevin Walsh a.k.a. LF|83 followed by special guest headliner, the Dublin based and Body and Soul-bound producer/musician, Elaine Mai.
Rounding off the night will be one of Limerick’s most prominent DJ’s of the past decade, Peter Curtin who will be playing the finest of vinyl ‘til late.
Kevin has enlisted the help of some local businesses to raise a little more cash on the night.
“We’ve also kindly been donated a few spot prizes on the night from Steamboat Music, Lucky Lane, The Red Hen and Charlie Malones so hopefully we’ll be able to raise some extra cash by raffling those off as well.”
 ENAR Ireland is an Irish charity working to eradicate racism in Ireland while also working to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into society and improve their standard of living, for more information
Harmonise happens at Dolan’s on Saturday May 13.