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Fewer Limerick women seeking UK abortions


Fewer women have registered Limerick as their address if they sought a pregnancy termination in the UK

THE NUMBER of Limerick women travelling to the UK for abortions has dropped according to the latest figures released by the UK Department of Health.

Statistics from the UK authorities showed that in 2015, 111 women travelled to England to terminate a pregnancy and registered Limerick as their home county. Many more are availing of illegal termination drugs through the post or by giving false addresses.

In 2016, that registered number dropped to 99 women giving Limerick as their address.

However, it is believed that the number may be far more, as upwards of 500 women from the republic of Ireland did not register a county in the details given to clinics.

Campaigners with opposing views on abortion have reacted to the official statistics released this week.

A spokesperson for the Pro Life Campaign said that the overall number of women travelling from the island of Ireland has dropped for the 15th consecutive year,

The registered number of women who travelled to England or Wales for terminations in 2016 was 3,265 women. This figure is down from 3,451 in 2015 and 3,735 in 2014.

However, the Abortion Support Network issued a statement saying that while the Department of Health today show minimal differences in the numbers of women travelling to access a safe, legal abortion in England, there has been a steep increase in calls for assistance from women here in Ireland.

The Abortion Support Network (ASN) provides financial assistance, practical information and accommodation to women forced to travel to England to access an abortion and this sharp increase “reveals the real story”, they say

In 2016, ASN received calls and emails from 801 women, couples and families looking for help and financial assistance.

This, they say, represents a 24 per cent increase over the 2015 figure.

However Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said that “that everyone should be welcoming the fall in numbers.


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