Join the young Musicale high jinks

Musicians with Music Generation Limerick City

MUSICALE is a new music festival playing out in venues across the Georgian Quarter between November 24 and December 3. It has to do with the Creative Ireland’s strategy  pillar dedicated to “enabling the creativity of every child”.

Musicale was instigated by Music Generation Limerick City in association with the Limerick School of Music. This festival has been developed in partnership with various stakeholders such as Croagh School of Music, Irish Chamber Orchestra, Musica Fusion and private teachers.

“A key element that makes the festival distinctive is that it is non-competitive. There will be no adjudicator, no grading, no marks, no winners and no losers,” reports Boris Hunka of MGLC. “Instead each concert will be hosted by a professional musician, who will at the end will give a short speech of appreciation, honing in on what made it special for them with each performance and their advice to each musician on their musical journey.”

Taking place in Culture House, the Coach House, LCGA, Belltable and Loft Venue.

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Friday November 24th – Hip-hop Celebration at the Loft. 10pm

The cream of local Limerick rap talent will be joined by their Belfast equivalents in a special night of forming musical connections. The following week the Limerick musicians will travel up for the Belfast wing of the collaboration.

Sunday November 26th – The Big Get Together at The Gallery. 3pm

Young ensembles, orchestras, bands and soloists from across the region will perform for and to each other in Limerick City Gallery of Art. Each ensemble will be set up in a different gallery space, with the audience promenading from one performance to another.

Wednesday November 29th – The Culture House Musical Take-over

Over 50 young musicians (all under the age of 13) will perform in a three hour feast of music within the Georgian splendour of culture house.

Friday December 1st – Bands at the Belltable. 7pm

The seats will be pushed back, 2 stages will be set up and many of Limerick’s most exciting young bands will revel in the Belltable’s state of the art sound and light set-up

Sunday December 3rd – Concert Finale

We return to culture house for the final event, featuring an exceptional array of teenage soloists in a range of styles.