Limerick author Ciara had a Happy Vegan Christmas

Ciara Brennan
Ciara Brennan and her daughter Shaena.

IT WAS a ‘Happy Vegan Christmas’ for first-time Limerick author Ciara Brennan whose recipe book sold out at O’Mahony’s Bookshop over the holiday period.

Years of knowledge and experience went into writing the book as Ciara trained at the Shannon College of Hotel Management, before travelling the world as a chef working in five star kitchens in Dublin, London, Geneva and even ran her own kitchen in Sydney.

But having to taste the meat she cooked went against Ciara’s strong vegetarian instinct so much that she changed career and became a Human Resource Management teacher.

In December 2015, Ciara and her daughter Shaena decided to become vegan, which coincided with Ciara’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“That really underlined the connection between food, health and wellbeing. My diet was excellent and that gave me the energy to successfully fight the disease. As of December 2016, I have been cancer free,” said Ciara.

Daughter Shaena has been a great support to her mum.

Ciara Brennan
First-time Limerick author Ciara Brennan

“She tells me straight up what tastes good or bad. She also loves what I cook, which is good. She is my secret weapon and shows me unconditional love every day.”

It’s going to be another busy year for Ciara whose New Year resolution is to give up crisps, to help those who want to attempt vegan challenges and she has a series of books that she wants to write in the pipeline, such as ‘Happy Vegan Challenge (30 days)’ and ‘Happy Vegan Summer’.

‘Happy Vegan Christmas’ is on sale at Von’s Health Store on the Ennis Road; O’Mahonys Bookshop on O’Connell Street and at

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