Limerick company to change the face of manufacturing

SL controls Picture: Sean Curtin True Media

Software developed by Limerick-based engineering firm, SL Controls, is set to change the face and, more importantly, the efficiency of manufacturing.

Over the past 11 years, SL Controls has dedicated a million engineering hours to streamlining time-consuming and resource-draining production line management.

The company has invested more than €1million into developing TOTALline, a suite of fully customisable software products that automates multiple production line functions, as well as data collection and reporting and traceability.

SL Controls, which has offices in Limerick, Sligo, Dublin, Galway and Birmingham, is a leader in the integration and validation of software systems in the pharma, medical device, healthcare, food and beverage sectors.

The smooth performance of a factory production line is a critical component in the success of thousands of indigenous and multi-national companies in Ireland and abroad. But many aspects are highly laborious, prone to human error and exceptionally time consuming.

Instead of losing out on valuable production time that hits the bottom line, the new TOTALline solution gives businesses an easy to use, fully-compliant and secure way to significantly improve the performance of the production line and data management.

The software comes with powerful analytics and reporting capability including notification features such as emails confirming batch completions and automated record-keeping.

It was developed by a team within SL Controls, headed by Technical Director Paul Clarke and Business Development Manager Shane McLaughlin.

Stating that TOTALline evolved over an 11 year period of working with clients and seeing what their needs were, Mr McLaughlin said that they had already started integrating the solution for some of their existing clients.

“It has been working extremely well, providing significant cost savings and improving their overall manufacturing efficiencies, especially for our clients in highly-regulated industries such as pharma and medical devices.”

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