New album from We Come in Pieces

We Come In Pieces

WE Come In Pieces  – or WCIP for the time-poor – had all but disappeared from the Limrock neighbourhood for a few years.

Some gigs in the last twelve months with new guitarist Ciaran Cullinane and a smattering of “new ones” in the set meant that it was only a matter of time before a new WCIP album would surface.

‘Stop The Rot’ is that new album from We Come in Pieces featuring as always Kieran Hayes (Vocals/Drums) and Kieran Sims (Bass/Vocals) but now with the addition of new kid Ciaran Culhane on Guitar & Moustache according to the biog! Culhane has engineered recordings for the band since their debut album in 2010 when the band had been together for just three weeks.

“Grab it by the scruff on the neck and don’t apologise” shouts drummer/vocalist Kieran Hayes on the lead single ‘Gestabby’. This band unapologetically defy categorisation equally potent in metal or punk or post rock. The album Stop The Rot is a glorious rush of punk rage and a ferocious rollercoaster of metal riffage with solos played at nosebleed velocity.

You Had Me at Hell is the standout track on a record of standout tracks. It rages against the discredited old order as the band sings ““You pray on your knees but you prey on the weak”.

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The band have made a video for the song with plenty of cameos from the Limrock community.

The album will be launched when We Come In Pieces play Kasbah Social Club this Friday February 23. Check in later this week when we get to chat with WCIP about the album.