EVA commission by Sam Keogh at IMMA

Previous work by Keogh

IRISH visual artist Sam Keogh is working at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, on residency for a commission by Limerick based EVA International. Keogh’s inventive project is supported through the Arts Council Ireland’s Open Call programme and will be revealed in the biannual exhibition’s programme opening in April for months.

Sam Keogh has made his name in installation, sculpture, performance, drawing and collage.


A more recent direction aims to produce “an intimate encounter with a grotesque extrapolation of a recognisable image, figure or myth” including Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch, a 2000 year old Irish ‘bog body’ and the snake-happy myth of Medusa.

According to EVA, “the large-scale mixed media installation will provide a set for a series of live performances, resembling a TED talk or a sales pitch.

“Taking the form of a spaceship’s control panel, the work will evoke complex and alien technologies of the near future, taking on ideas of masculinity, technological culture, and future fantasy.”

The 38th EVA International will show 56 artists or collectives. Previewing on 12 and 13 April and operating out of many city sites into July 8 this year.