#WATCH Limerick video captures referendum posters being ripped down

The video has been viewed more that 30,000 times on Facebook


A LIMERICK video of a man being confronted for pulling down posters aligned to the YES campaign for the upcoming referendum has gone viral across social media.

Viewed more that 30,000 times on Facebook alone and shared by hundreds more, the video taken by Limerick restauranteur Kevin Kiely Jnr shows a man walking along Thomas Street ripping down purple posters from the ROSA group who are campaigning for a yes vote on May 25 next.

Speaking to the Limerick Post this Tuesday, Kevin Kiely Jnr said that he was at a meeting at his Thomas Street restaurant when he saw a man ripping down the purple ROSA posters before leaving the area and going to a nearby coffee shop.

“I felt I had to do something about this because if I didn’t I would be as culpable in censorship,” Mr Kiely said.

“I hung back up the posters and went for a coffee with my chef.

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Posted by Kevin Kiely Jnr on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

“I had just about paid for the coffees when the man came back and started ripping down the posters again so that is when I confronted him and asked him about what he was doing on video.

“I know that this group did a lot of fundraising for people’s money to hang these posters up for their campaign and at €6 each, this man tore down four in a short space of time.

The posters, seeking a yes vote, asks voters to consider a specific slogan on shaming women in 2018.

Mr Kiely put this to the man and asked him to clarify his position.

The video goes on to show the two men engaging before another poster is ripped down.

“It is clear that this man did not agree with the views yes campaign and of course he is perfectly entitled to that but ripping down posters is a form of censorship for those who are undecided and I could not stand by and watch this. So i hung them back up after he walked off.”

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