Of Nursing and Knighthood – Order of Malta celebrating 70 years in Limerick

THIS year, the Order of Malta is celebrating 70 years in Limerick. As part of the celebrations, The Hunt Museum is showcasing an exhibition in the Museum’s Prologue Room. The Limerick Post spoke with Tom Hanley, who is a member of the Order of Malta for more than 50 years.

“My Brother Jim had been a member, and a number of the boys in the locality were cadets of the ambulance corps, so it was one of the things to do,” Mr Hanley told the Limerick Post. “I’ve stayed in ever since, joining the senior units at 16 years-of-age,” he added.

When asked what it means to be a member, Tom said, “The ambulance corps are non-denominational, as are the people we treat and help. We don’t ask what your creed is, or your nationality, what anything about you is. If we can assist, we assist.

“It’s about being humanitarian, it’s about being charitable, it’s about looking after our Lord’s sick and our Lord’s poor.”

The Order of Malta celebrations continues throughout 2018.

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Tom Hanley, Order of Malta at the ‘Of nursing and knighthood’ exhibition in the Hunt Museum’s Prologue Room. Picture: Cian Reinhardt