Horn hooting upsets sleeping residents


FINE Gael councillor Michael Hourigan has complained that taxi drivers are “hooting their horns” at all hours of the night and upsetting residents living in the vicinity of Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT).

Speaking at this month’s Metropolitan District meeting of Limerick City and County Council, the City North representative revealed that residents living near the Moylish campus were very concerned about the racket caused by the late night horn hooting.

“Taxis are pulling up at all hours of night. They are pulling up in the area around LIT between one and four in the morning and hooting their horns. You can’t be doing this at that hour of night,” he insisted at City Hall this Monday.

During a presentation on the local authority’s Noise Action Plan, Cllr Hourigan asked senior executive engineer Anne Goggin if there was anything that could be done to prevent taxi drivers from hooting their horns and bothering residents.

“This is a very difficult issue to deal with. We could write to taxi services and make them aware of it,” Ms Goggin suggested.

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