The love story of Thomas Hardy

Left, Elliott Moriarty, Jane McGrath and Michael James Ford

THE excellent Michael James Ford, so moving as Prof Frank Bryant in Lyric Theatre’s ‘Educating Rita’ last year, returns to Limerick to stage ‘Magic in My Eyes: the Love Poems of Thomas Hardy’.

This dramatic reading will involve fellow performers Jane McGrath and Elliott Moriarty, pictured, and music by the Delmaine String Quartet at Friars’ Gate Theatre in Kilmallock on Friday July 13 at 8pm.

This new collaboration “explores one of the great romances in literary history – Thomas Hardy’s courtship of Emma Gifford and their subsequent long and difficult marriage.

“Despite years of estrangement, Emma’s death in 1912 inspired Hardy to write some of the greatest love poetry in the English language.”

This dramatic piece charts the course of their relationship through his verse, journals and autobiography. Delmaine Quartet has thus selected music that reflects this emotional landscape drawn from the work of the great 19th and 20th Century composers.

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