Fianna Fáil are looking for more Limerick TDs


A SNAP general election is not on the political horizon according to Fianna Fáil leader Michéal Martin who says that his party will honour the terms of the confidence and supply agreement but will work hard for additional Dáil seats in both Limerick constituencies.

Speaking to the Limerick Post about Fianna Fáil’s prospects of securing second seats in Limerick city and county, Mr Martin said that “we don’t see an election immediately and I have been consistent since earlier this year that we want to support, maintain and fulfil our confidence and supply agreement.

“We said that we would negotiate a third budget in good faith but that depends on the nature and content of those negotiations. They will be tough and we believe that housing, health and education will be key aspects.

“That said, we then believe a review should happen at the end of the year and we will take full stock of the agreement at that stage.

“We are pleased with the quality of candidates that emerged in Limerick. Willie O’Dea has been an outstanding vote-getter as well as a very significant national politician for a considerable period of time. Having him and James Collins on the one ticket is a very strong team to be offering the electorate.

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“What we are saying to the people of Limerick is that this is a strong team that will have a big impact for Limerick nationally and in future governments because we want to be a lead party in the next government.

“That gives us confidence and while it is very challenging and will be very competitive, we are putting our best foot forward for the city.

“We haven’t yet completed the selection process in the county. The constituencies committee is looking at that and assessing it.

“They are taking soundings and listening to the people on the ground.

Election candidate James Collins said that what he is hearing on the ground is that “people are looking for a change and what will lead to is that there will be two Fianna Fáil TDs in Limerick city.

“Willie is very good at what he does and I think the two of us together will make a formidable team,” the newly elected Mayor added.