Queersplaining at Chez le Fab


MUSICIAN and entertainer Neil Farrell brings his show ‘Queersplaining’ to Limerick this week. The act is described by Farrell as a verbal dance between the inspirational and the outrageous.

“This is a sincere routine about self acceptance, vulnerability and love, tackled in as unembarrassed away as is possible for an Irish dude in a dress.”

The musician, songwriter, filmmaker, entertainer and one-time member of the band Mustang Hobo came out as a transvestite and as polyamorous in recent years, an experience that has been hugely positive and transformative.

“I’ve found fulfilment and happiness I had never previously known.”
Queersplaining is autobiographical, using poetry, music, stories and comedy to relate a mad series of misadventures and falling in love with two amazing partners.
The guiding principle for Neil Farrell’s art can be boiled down to his favourite David Bowie quote .. “When you don’t know that your feet are quite touching the bottom, that’s when you’re in a place to do something really exciting.”

Queersplaining plays at Chez le Fab this Tuesday July 24.

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