Dolores tribute from Limerick musicians


LIMERICK musicians have come together to record and take part in a tribute video to the late Dolores O’Riordan using Limerick Self Storage as a location. The heartfelt video for ‘When You’re Gone’ is on and features the vocal talents of Emma Langford, Ronan Mitchell, David Idioh, Sarah Dolan, Steve Ryan, Brendan Markham, Limerick Gospel Choir, Clare O’Brien and Paddy Dennehy.

It is a beautiful cover version with a superb accompanying video made by Shane Serrano.


Every week musicians load their equipment in and out of rented units at Limerick Self Storage, explained the organisers, “honing their craft, with the dreams and aspirations of one day bringing their music to the world like The Cranberries once did.”

All proceeds from this video are going to Midwest Simon Community, donations to.