Innopharma Education announce two level 6 programmes for Limerick

Mary Jo Parker Business Development Manager. Pic Arthur Ellis.
Mary Jo Parker Business Development Manager. Pic Arthur Ellis.

Innopharma Education are pleased to announce two Level 6 programmes in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Operations (SPA) for Limerick which have been successfully running now for past 4 years. Course participants go on to start and grow careers in this buoyant sector; 70-85% of Innopharma participants go on to get full-time roles in Pharma, BioPharma and Med Tech companies in Limerick, Clare, Galway and Tipperary.

There is an opportunity to transfer your skills to gain employment in manufacturing, medical device and pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical sectors through this industry-specific training.


These programmes were developed with input from industry to assist participants either back to work or transferring to the sector in the region with an average of 70-85% participants back to work in companies such as Stryker, Teleflex Medical, Beckman Coulter, Regeneron, Adhesives Research, SSE (Specialised Sterile Environments) Vision Care, Reagecon and Musgraves. Many of past participants had not worked for a number of years for various reasons among them, possibly having lost their jobs in with Dell back in 2009 or sought to transfer their skills from the decimated Construction sector, had worked as homemakers or Carer’s for a number of years or have worked in other sectors such as Retail, Hospitality or Customer Service often part-time. Innopharma Education has been running Springboard programmes since 2009 (also in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Athlone, Clonmel and Waterford) and in Limerick since 2014. The programmes are free to the unemployed/homemakers or part-timers with participants retaining their benefits. They are also now free to the employed. “We invite anyone interested to contact us on 061 639186 or email us on [email protected] We will contact each person one to one explains Mary Jo Parker, Business Relationship Manager for the company and advises an Information session is being held in Radisson Hotel, Ennis Rd on Thursday 10th January @ 11.30 am and 5.30pm.

Mary Jo advises “Typically, course participants secure employment between three to six months of completing the programme with some students securing employment during the programme itself which the flexible programme delivery enables and which Employers are generally only too happy to support”.

Mary Jo indicates that all of Innopharma’s programmes put a focus on coaching for Personal and Career Development whether that involves in the case of any unemployed person who requires coaching  on  ‘Preparation  for  Work’,  involving intensive work on the preparing and tailoring the CV, preparing for interview, focusing on how to job search in the current marketplace or coaching for Career Development to those who are currently working in the sector but seeking to change direction or seeking to progress their careers in their existing organisations.  The feedback we consistently get from our course participants is that this aspect of the course is invaluable”.  Mary Jo Parker, Business Development Manager.