Med-Easy at Southside Pharmacy


WE are a locally owned business and proud to serve our communities. In Southside we now dispense medicine using the very latest technology. This technology, which is a robot that we call Spencer, will free up our pharmacists, so they have more time for our customers and patients.
We also have Med-Easy
This is an innovative way of supplying regular medication to patients, in a simple and hassle free way. Each month we (Southside Pharmacy) prepare your prescription -all tablets , capsules and vitamins on the prescription are sorted into the correct slots and prepared into pill pouches. We will maintain direct communication with the necessary Dr’s, make adjustments to your therapy if there are any prescription changes and we will automatically handle monthly refills.
Managing your meds has never been this easy.
Its all about the pill pouch : see the pill pouch, tear the pill pouch and wait for your next dose.
We want to make it easy for our patients, and this is a safe and convenient way to remember to take your medication daily. It is easy to join Med-Easy, call into us at Southside Pharmacy or follow the steps on