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Traffic calming a priority in Clarina


TRAFFIC calming measures in Clarina are not fit for purpose.

That’s according to Fianna Fáil councillor Sean Lynch, who was commenting at this Monday’s Travel and Transportation Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) meeting at City Hall.

The former Garda Detective reminded council members that there have already been three fatalities at the stretch of road, after the roundabout in Clarina, along the N69.

“Something needs to be done straight away. Who will be blamed if there is another fatality?” the City West representative asked the council executive.

“People are driving at speed on this stretch of road just before the roundabout on the N69. They might not know the road and they are overtaking trucks at 100kph. Something must be done about this section of road. Reduce the speed limit at least.

“People use the path alongside the road, which is at the same level, for walking and staying fit. We are trying to promote healthy living but someone could be sucked under the trucks very easily,” he warned.

Cllr Lynch called for works on traffic calming measures to be prioritised in Clarina as a matter of urgency.

Senior Engineer for Limerick City and County Council, Vincent Murray said he understood Cllr Lynch’s frustration and explained that speed limit bye-laws would be reviewed this year. This, he opined, should reduce the risk of accidents along the road.

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