Limerick City councillors step back from €30,000 grant to frame posters

Mayor James Collins and Nicky Woulfe with two of the Cranberries posters. Photo: Brendan Gleeson
Mayor James Collins and Nicky Woulfe with two of the Cranberries posters. Photo: Brendan Gleeson

LIMERICK city councillors expressed uncertainty over a proposal to give €30,000 towards framing a private collection of rare music posters, including some featuring the late Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan.

Limerick DJ and collector, Nicky Woulfe, had previously made a presentation to councillors on a planned visitor centre, ‘Music Memories and Memorabilia’ and told them that the funding would help offset some of the expected costs, which are estimated to reach over €100,000 for the project.


The original project had 157 relics from the world of popular music from the past 50 years but has now grown with up to 1,200 items identified for an extensive public visitor attraction.

According to Mr Woulfe, the collection has been promised items from luminaries such as Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison, Horslips, Mary Black and as well as the Cranberries.

But City East councillor Kieran O’ Hanlon (FF) told last Monday’s Metropolitan District meeting of Limerick City and County Council that they had already allocated an €80,000 budget for tourism, and €30,000 for St Patrick’s Day.

“It is an excellent idea having a memorabilia project, however there are other projects and proposals that should be considered. For example, there is a lot of interest in having a fishing competition on the canal,” he said.

City North’s John Gilligan (IND) said, “This fund was established to build long time structures for Limerick such as annual events.

“Limerick City has nothing to offer. There needs to more new events in Limerick like the Riverfest”.

Cmhlr Séighin Ó Ceallaigh (SF), City East, said that what they were talking about was “a private collection.

“There should be money there for memorabilia. Like there was for Terry Wogan’s statue but still we are waiting over a year for a Dolores O’ Riordan statue”.

Cllr Frankie Daly (IND) City North, said: “We need to be prudent with the private collection, instead of a knee jerk reaction. After all, we are talking about €30,000.”

Members agreed to a proposal from Cllr O’Hanlon to defer the decision until they had heard presentations from all of the groups seeking money from the Metropolitan committee.

by Miranda Leahy

and Bernie English

[email protected]