Sculpture, performance pieces and paintings

Curated by Cian Manning and opened Thursday 11, 7pm by Damien Flood.

PERY Square will be host to a visual art show this week over four days into until April 15 with ‘Variance’ by Third Year students at Limerick School of Art & Design opening at No. 13 Pery Square.

“True to its name, this exhibition will offer viewers a glimpse of the wide variety of mediums, techniques and subject matter tackled by these early career artists,” reports Painting student Derval Carroll. “With work ranging from the highly colourful and illustrative to more mysterious, subdued paintings and with sculptural and performance pieces thrown into the mix, the exhibition is sure to appeal to everyone.”

View works by 22 artists on a daily basis from this Thursday April 11’s 7pm opening into longer hours, 11am to 4pm for the weekend Friday 12 into Monday 15.